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Install Lubuntu 15.10 on Asus x205ta-BING-FD0039BS

Published January, 2nd 2016 Categorized in Technical

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Create human friendly URL using preg_replace and regular expression in PHP

Published July, 2nd 2012 Categorized in Technical

How to generate human readable friendly URL from the given title for SEO purpose. Using PHP preg_replace and regular expression to match and convert to URL able strings.

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How does Google search ranking work?

Published June, 9th 2012 Categorized in E-business

General idea how Google rank website on their search result. Include internal factors that you can control and external factors that come from your content quality

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Our feet’re touching the same ground

Published May, 31st 2012 Categorized in General

My view and experience on charity donation, along with the reasons why you should donate for those who don’t have the opportunity to use internet like you do at the moment

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Flutter get group duplicate issue

Published March, 14th 2010 Categorized in Technical

The default getGroupDuplicates($field) from WordPress flutter plug-in encounter the problem when the user add/remove group instantly before click update button. The interval between group index prevent for loop to present the correct value. This note explain the cause and solution in detail.

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Change the default main domain folder to subfolder

Published March, 13th 2010 Categorized in Technical

Most website hosting providers set the folder ‘public_html’ as a root part of main domain and create another sub-folders for add-on domains. This article explains how to overwrite this with .htaccess and why you should do it.

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37 helpful features of Firefox web developer plug-in

Published July, 19th 2009 Categorized in Technical under topic browsers

Plenty of browsers’ plug-ins where sitting out there to help developers increase their productivity. However, install too many plug-ins may decrease the browsers’ performance. I found out that ‘Web developer plugin’, developed by Chris Pederick, cover almost all features required in my web development processes.

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The list of 7 web browsers that involve web developer’s life

Published July, 14th 2009 Categorized in Technical under topic browsers

If you are the experienced website front-end developer, you couldn’t deny that it can’t have more pain than developing code for cross browsers. Especially for your beloved Internet Explorer from Microsoft.
This article brings up the awareness on this area.

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SQ3R Reading Method

Published December, 19th 2008 Categorized in General under topic Reading techniques

Follow the SQ3R reading technique in this article, will improve your reading skill, getting to the right point of study. …

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