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The list of 7 web browsers that involve web developer’s life

If you are a web developer, you may experience the hard time testing your final project across the list of web browsers. Yes, especially for the Microsoft shit. Your website may working beautifully on your beloved Firefox and look exactly the same on Safari on your friend’s Mac book. You may not need to concern much about the version of Firefox as people trend to click update button when notified by Mozilla pop-up.

Microsoft’s responsibility become yours

However, your bright life may become darker, your holiday plan need to be canceled when client call you and said “Oh! drop-down navigation is not working, can you fixed that please?”. Not yet, after few minutes, the same client call you again and said “What the fu-k of your project, 20 customers canceled the orders because the check out button does not work!”. Then, you apologize and rush up to web statistic system. The graphs on the screen say ”Yes sir, it was Internet explorer”. Then, it will be the end of your holiday and the end of another business with this client and all of his friends.

As web developer, you cannot call back to the client and told them that it was Microsoft shit, because now it is become your shit. The above scenario should not happen or happen only once for your first project, or you will end up web development life and continue feeding pigs at the farm down the suburb where computer is not the first equipment.

The statistic of browser usage in 2009

The Download IETester

Multiple IEs – If you think IE5.5 is not old enough, Multiple IEs provide you a set of IE3, IE4, IE5 and IE6. If the browser crash during the test, no panic. It is the common behavior of Microsoft’s browser.
Download IE7 Standalone
Download IE8 Standalone for Vista
Download IE8 Standalone for Window Server 2008

Firefox – Yeah, here is something more relax. Be aware when you install too much plug-in, the browser will pretty much slow down. If you get a chance, tell everybody about firefox. Then, we can change the world. Download Google Chrome

Safari – If you are one of Apple’s Fan, here we go!

Opera – Another alternative light weight browser, there are no CPU hunger by using Opera.